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Moving alternately between Colorado and Illinois as a child, Tamara (Inupiat/Kawerak, Swede) jokes she was raised on Interstate 80. As an adult she has lived and worked in Alaska, Australia, Wisconsin and the Chicago area. For twelve plus years Tamara cared for her dementia inflicted mother, putting her career on hold. After her mother passed (November 2016), Tamara relocated her home and studio to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Just as important as her creative pursuits as a fine artist and writer is the library Tamara has established. Books by Joseph Campbell, Krishnamurti, Carolyn Myss, David R. Hawkins, Abraham Hicks and other metaphysical writers/speakers have been strong influences.

"Most of what I have learned is through experience--my experiences are then processed through a library of books--my processes are reinterpreted through art and writing.

Tamara's professional life as an artist had been in the fields of graphic arts, product design, contract sculptor and publishing with off career-road creative endeavors as a fine artist and writer. She lived and worked in the white man's world while her Native heritage remained in the background. She now focuses on what her Nativeness means to her, specifically how to image and write about her experience as a part Native woman. She wonders just how Native enough must one be to be considered a legitimate indigenous person in Native creative circles? What is it like to live in a white man's world and assumed to be one of them while also protecting the unrealized Native part of oneself?




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